A national award and two broadcasting legends in a big week for Videosign

By Steven Tallant, CEO. Last week I has lucky enough to meet two household names from the BBC while out and about spreading the word about Videosign. First up, I attended the Future of Cyber Security Europe conference in central London, where I had chance to speak to business leaders and members of the security … Continued

Four big reasons to switch to Videosign

By Steven Tallant, CEO. Something happened the other day that gave me more confidence than ever that Videosign can stop all kinds of organisations wasting hundreds of hours a year. I’ve lived in Liverpool all my life, and alongside my work do some volunteer mentoring with young people aspiring to work in the tech sector. … Continued

Videosign ventures into the Metaverse

We have ventured into the Metaverse to show Videosign's potential to improve security in the virtual world. Videosign Chief Executive Steven Tallant recently met new staff member Jack Moore in virtual reality and used the company’s signature platform to sign the new contract of employment. The Metaverse is widely seen as the next stage in … Continued

Avoid contract ‘own goals’ with the efficient and secure Videosign platform

When you’re working fast and under pressure it’s easy for things to go wrong with documents and contracts, with the potential for missed deadlines and frustrating setbacks. Followers of football will be aware of the collapse of winger Hakim Ziyech’s loan move from Chelsea to Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain this week, after an apparent … Continued

Please return a signed copy signed by an independent witness

I am sure we have all at one time or another been in that situation: “Please return a signed copy signed by an independent witness. This person cannot be related to you or your business.” The only time this becomes even more fun is when that witness signature needs be from a ‘professional’. Great, now I’m knocking … Continued

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