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Sign documents, in person, remotely

  • eIDAS certification
  • Identification verification
  • Video evidence

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Videosign has applications for many different industries. We strive to help our clients of all professions to conduct faster, easier and more secure business.

What Videosign offers

Give your customers a better digital experience

Seamlessly combining video conferencing, eSignatures, certified digital document collaboration, and biometric remote identify verification into one simple, cloud-based meeting room.

Videosign enables your team to remotely engage with clients face-to-face, with robust compliance features to help you to conclude more business and offer a better customer experience.

  • Verify Identities
  • Meet Face to Face Online
  • Speed Up Contract Completion
  • Robust Compliance
  • Finalise Documents
  • Store Documents in Secure Cloud Storage

Videosign’s unique combination of online video meetings, secure digital signing, innovative and detailed identity checks and verifications, and robust compliance features help you to close more business and offer a better customer experience while saving time, and money

How Videosign delivers

Business benefits

  • Increase legal compliance with our leading-edge Identity and verification system utilising the latest in facial recognition
  • Real-time live video conferencing with secure document signing
  • Full recording of the signing session
  • Fully audited meeting and signing event activity
  • Ensure non-repudiation with video evidence of the agreement and clients’ intent
  • Sign documents from anywhere in the world on any device

Our unique platform saves you time and money

Here’s how we compare

Other platforms
Verify with the latest in facial recognitionx
Fully audited meeting and signing activity
Non-repudiation with video evidencex
Sign anywhere in the world on any device
eIDAS certificationx
Verify, Meet & Sign in one platformx

How it works

Fast and secure online agreements in three simple steps…

Experience the ultimate level of security and legal compliance for you and your clients

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