Videosign supports financial services specifically the insurance sector with a range of digital tools to enable the witnessing of electronic signatures remotely in a safe and secure platform.

With many features and benefits, Videosign can be used by professionals working within insurance including:

  • Meet with clients face-to-face remotely – the Videosign platform incorporates a secure online meeting space, thereby speeding up the process and enabling meetings to be taken place irrelevant of distance and accessibility to review, sign, and witness documents compliantly
  • Verify Identities – with Videosign you can perform and complete identity and verification checks within seconds of meeting your client, using enhanced facial recognition and biometrics and meet them in a face-to-face secured online meeting space
  • Validate digital signatures with embedded certificates, recordings, and audits – meetings are automatically recorded and can be classed as evidential and used in courts
  • Finalise documents – by meeting clients face-to-face with Videosign you have the tools required to offer a purely digital experience of remote signing and witnessing of documentation.

Examples of Videosign usage:

  • Policies and Claims – Clients are more comfortable discussing details directly, face-to-face with their trusted adviser in a secure and compliant meeting place. Videosign allows you to maintain that personalised relationship, even when working remotely to discuss, advise on, and agree on insurance documentation quickly
  • Proof of signature – validate digital signatures with embedded digital certificates, video recordings and detailed audits of signing events

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