Our History

Headquartered in Liverpool, with a development hub in Glasgow, Videosign was established in 2019 just before the global pandemic hit.

Our unique vision was to create a complete, purely digital, intuitive cloud-based remote system for a user friendly, end-to-end client engagement or business transaction, centred on the remote signing and witnessing of documentation while providing an extra layer of enhanced compliance and security.

With global laws changing to allow digital signatures and remote witnessing, and cyber fraud increasing, our platform evolved to enhance security and support remote working that became ‘the new normal’ during the global lockdown of 2020.

Users can:

  • Replace outdated identity and verification methods with a fully automated, and remote biometric-based approach that exceeds industry standards for strong customer authentication
  • Communicate and collaborate with important clients and stakeholders in our web-based video conference meeting room, with no need to download or install software.
  • Add legally binding and tamper proof signatures to documents quickly and effortlessly, whilst automatically recording robust video evidence.
  • Accessible across any device, across all major browsers – if users have an internet connection, they can access and fully utilise the product.

Our Product

Traditionally, the signing and execution of contracts, deeds and other key documents depended on physical paperwork, wet signatures, documentation postage, and in person witnessing.

Throughout Covid-19 restrictions, for many, business as usual was halted due to this outdated reliance on paper processes, including conventional ‘snail mail’ Identity and Verification requirements.

Videosign is a simple tool that provides a purely online business workflow, allowing professionals to remotely and compliantly identify, verify, meet, sign, record and audit all of their client’s business transactions in a secure, legally admissible way.

Our Values

Our Team

Our team hails from around the world; a variety of nationalities, genders, ethnicities, professional experiences and academic backgrounds.

Our staff have worked across multi-national corporations and small businesses alike, bringing a breadth of ideas and experience between them, and this diversity helps us to address innovation from different perspectives.

Our Culture

Videosign’s culture, by nature, is to promote an inclusive work environment, and we consider ourselves to be a family unit and aim to support all aspects of family life.

We offer equal opportunities and an unwavering commitment to inclusion and diversity. We encourage flexible working in an effort to promote work life balance, and we recognise and celebrate all national holidays.

Our Future

Videosign is a young company, with plenty of big innovation ideas.

Our current platform has provided a solid solution that is being utilised across multiple industries.

We are continually expanding, and we are here to support our customers as individuals or businesses, throughout Covid-19 and beyond.

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