By Steven Tallant, CEO.

Something happened the other day that gave me more confidence than ever that Videosign can stop all kinds of organisations wasting hundreds of hours a year.

I’ve lived in Liverpool all my life, and alongside my work do some volunteer mentoring with young people aspiring to work in the tech sector.

Recently, a staff member from one of the organisations I work with had to come to my office to ask me to sign a piece of paper as part of their project’s funding.

Apparently the only acceptable way for me to sign was pen and ink – a digital or electronic signature wouldn’t do.

There’s a certain irony that this request came my way when I spend most of my working hours trying to make the pen and ink signature obsolete.

But it was also a useful experience for me because it was a real-life example of all the reasons that using Videosign makes sense.

First of all, let’s think about the time involved. A member of staff, probably on a decent salary, was spending his day travelling around the city chasing signatures on pieces of paper – not a good use of anyone’s time.

Then there’s the environmental impact, both in terms of travel and materials. All organisations are striving to reduce their carbon footprint, and yet an avoidable journey was made to my workplace to obtain my signature on a sheet of paper.

Third, there’s the general administrative rigmarole of working with pen and paper. Was it scanned and emailed to someone? Is the original in a filing cabinet somewhere? These things all take time, which ultimately costs money.

And last of all there’s the issue of security. The person sent to get my signature had never met me before, and was taking it on trust that I was the real Steven Tallant.

Using Videosign would have solved all these issues: better use of an employee’s time; no unnecessary travel or printing; instant, secure document storage; and biometric and video evidence that the right person signed the document.

That’s all the evidence I need that we need to put the days of wet signatures behind us. If your organisation is still working this way, it’s time for a change.

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