When you’re working fast and under pressure it’s easy for things to go wrong with documents and contracts, with the potential for missed deadlines and frustrating setbacks.

Followers of football will be aware of the collapse of winger Hakim Ziyech’s loan move from Chelsea to Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain this week, after an apparent paperwork issue on transfer deadline day.

Chelsea has blamed technology issues for the collapse of the deal, with the completed paperwork rejected by the French football authorities for arriving after the transfer window closed.

Most of us will hopefully never be involved in such a high-profile incident, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t protect ourselves against problems with documentation getting in the way of doing business.

If Chelsea and PSG had used Videosign, Ziyech could have been settling in with his new team this week.

Our meeting and signing platform has been created to make doing business easier, more efficient and with complete security.

With Videosign:

  • Meetings between the two clubs would have been recorded
  • Documents and contracts would have been stored in an accessible location
  • Any queries or issues could have been discussed and resolved
  • Signatures would have been remotely witnessed and digitally sealed
  • The whole process would have been captured on video to ensure there was an incontrovertible record of the contract being agreed and signed

As Chelsea and PSG have discovered this week, it’s essential for businesses to get contracts signed on time, every time.

That’s why choosing Videosign as your digital signature platform could prevent ‘own goals’ for you and your business.


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