Jamie Cavanagh, who has joined the Liverpool-based software developer, says he sees an exciting future for the company and wants to help businesses to discover the benefits of its unique platform.

Videosign’s innovative electronic signature platform combines artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition and video technology to offer maximum convenience and security when signing contracts and other legal documents.

Jamie said: “I was attracted to Videosign for lots of reasons, but mainly because what the business is trying to do feeds into my interest in entrepreneurship. I like the fact that Videosign has its own product and IP, and that it has the ability to do something that no one else can offer.

“Videosign is the safest, clearest and most efficient way of signing documents, and I just want to get more people using it.

“You would expect a new Head of Sales to want more people to buy a product, but this is about more than meeting targets. We really believe in Videosign’s potential to improve the way work is done and agreements are made, and recent new investment of £1.15m means the platform is getting better and better.”

Educated at University of Salford, Jamie has wide-ranging experience in the field of electronic documentation.

Prior to joining Videosign he was a director at Imscan Systems, a Lancashire-based business offering a range of document management services including electronic archiving and digital invoicing.

Videosign Chief Executive Steven Tallant said: “Jamie’s expertise in digital document management makes him a perfect fit for us.

“He understands the challenges businesses face when signing and storing digital documents and contracts, and is passionate about helping businesses to become more efficient and agile.

“With remote working here to stay for a large number of organisations, Jamie is our resident expert who can help our clients transform the way they operate.”

Videosign’s online meeting platform offers the facility to record video and other evidence like IP addresses and timestamps to allow for e-commissioning and remote witnessing of signatures on legal documents ranging from affidavits to contracts.

The platform’s AI-powered facial recognition software compares an individual with their passport or driving licence photo to confirm their identity. It also has the ability to link to external identity databases for further checks.

Tamper-proof electronic signatures can then be made, witnessed by everyone in the meeting and backed up with video and metadata evidence.

Videosign already enjoys popularity among financial advisors, thanks to the improved customer experience it offers and its integration with the widely-used Iress Xplan advice software.

The company recently secured new investment of £1.15m from Moonstone Group, which provides a portfolio of compliance, education and fintech solutions to the financial services market in South Africa.

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