Steven Tallant took over as CEO at Videosign in November 2020. We sat down with him to find out what attracted him to the company and his vision for the future of the platform.

Steven joined Videosign just over a year ago before stepping up to the role of Chief Executive in late 2020. He has led massive developments in the product during his time with the company and has big plans for its future.

Videosign’s cutting-edge technology allows use of video and facial recognition software for remote signing of contracts and legal documents – offering the most secure way possible to witness and evidence a signature.

Steven said: “I have a passion for tech and I joined Videosign because it solves problems I’ve experienced numerous times within my personal life and career.

“Using our software means businesses can offer a more efficient service to their clients and save time and money while being confident they’re using a system that’s safe, secure and legally compliant.

“Across all industries where contracts must be signed, Videosign can enable businesses to offer a more secure and compliant way of gaining legally-binding contract agreements remotely, than if they are done in person.

“In light of the pandemic, this also offers a safer way for people to conduct business.”

Steven, 37, was born in Liverpool and has lived in the city his whole life.

After graduating from Liverpool John Moores University with a first in Computer Forensics, he embarked on a career in financial technology, developing IT products used in the banking and IT industry before taking charge at Videosign.

Steven expects Videosign’s ability to verify identities using artificial intelligence facial profiling to be a game-changer for a huge number of professions.

He said: “We are very excited about this feature as it replaces the very costly and time-consuming process of having people confirm their identities by turning up in person or sending documents through the post.

“Plus carrying out these checks electronically is much less prone to fraud and document loss or damage.”

Steven believes Videosign’s potential is only just beginning to be understood, with the shift to remote working likely to remain even after Covid restrictions are lifted.

He said: “The pandemic has forced industry and individuals to rethink how they conduct business, and the conclusion is to recognise the power and efficiency of using cloud services like ours to get contracts signed quickly and securely.

“This is a message we have been touting for a long time, but only now does everyone get it.

“There are potential uses for Videosign in healthcare, insurance, banking, recruitment, vehicle rentals – the list goes on. Essentially, any time a contract needs signing, Videosign is useful.

“The vision is for Videosign to become the ‘go to’ platform for businesses that want to sign contracts remotely.”

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