When Videosign launched in the UK in 2019 we decided to set-up our development lab in Glasgow.

Although the pandemic has meant a shift to remote working, we have quickly established a close-knit team that has been working at high speed to keep our product in a constant state of evolution.

Pride in our Scottish foundations runs deep in the business, so much so that the Glasgow-based team designed their own red-haired mascot to appear on our promotional merchandise.

Two members of the development team learned their trade through CodeClan, the Edinburgh-based digital skills academy established to support Scotland’s digital economy.

Chief Technology Officer Dan Bendon says: “When I joined Videosign I was tasked with building a development team anywhere in the UK.

“The full team only worked together in our Glasgow offices for a month before we shifted to working from home.

“Even if I’d known that the team was going to be working remotely I’d still have chosen to hire in Glasgow.

“I’ve lived here for 15 years and I love it. The people of Glasgow are passionate and hard-working. They’re proud of their city and what it has achieved.”

Videosign’s unique platform uses facial recognition technology, video conferencing features and a whole host of security measures to ensure extremely secure witnessing of electronic signatures.

Despite the obvious benefits of Videosign’s technology during a pandemic, the team believes the main advantages they offer are security and efficiency.

Glasgow-based Videosign Technical Operations Manager Mark McGrath says: “We don’t believe this is a Covid product – we think this is a future product.

“This is to save company time and money. I was talking to one company who said it was taking three weeks to process documents that had to be printed, posted, signed and returned. With Videosign you can do it in an hour.”

The reduced need for printing and posting brings obvious environmental benefits too.

Mark said: “We’re saving the planet one letter at a time.”

For information or to arrange a demonstration of the product, contact Don and Mark via enquiries@videosign.co

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