We’re delighted to announce some new faces in the Videosign team.
Our expanded sales and marketing division is led by Nina Hinton, who joins us as our new Head of Business Growth.
Nina has a background in business development in the education sector and brings additional board-level experience as a trustee of a charity supporting people with disabilities and/or health related issues.
She said: “I was attracted to joining Videosign because of the opportunities to find new ways of using the platform.
“Videosign was created for signing documents, but we’re interested in how else we can use it – for instance, we have seen a trend of clients using Videosign for exam invigilation.
“We want to focus on building relationships and finding out who needs the product and how it might help them.
“It’s about talking to people, finding out what their problems are, and unpicking that problem creatively.”
Further appointments to the team include Dan Bolton-Allen as Sales Development Manager, Jack Moore as Marketing Manager, and Finn Mason as Sales Support Executive.
Sales Development Manager Dan Bolton-Allen said: “It’s exciting to have joined a growing company with such a unique product.
“One of our priorities is working with the finance, banking and air travel industries to provide a solution to fraud and identity theft, using our highly-secure electronic signatures and verification tools to tackle common issues
“We are also working with users of Iress Xplan financial software to streamline client onboarding processes while maintaining security and regulatory compliance.
“The real joy of sales is finding opportunities to solve problems and helping people to find solutions they weren’t aware of.”
Videosign launched in 2019 aiming to develop a solution more secure, efficient and convenient than the traditional pen-and-ink signature.
Chief Executive Steven Tallant says: “I’m delighted to welcome Nina and her team to Videosign.
“Their combined experience of working in different sectors and focusing on finding new solutions to difficult problems can help us to unlock the potential of Videosign.
“Our fundamental aims have always been to help our clients to become more efficient and to do business more securely, and these important appointments bring additional knowledge and experience to help us offer further innovation and creative thinking to our clients.”
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