Summer holiday season is nearly here. 

It’s just another few days until schools close for the summer and most of us will be taking the opportunity to take a week or two off.

We all recognise the importance of taking a holiday, recharging the batteries and enjoying time with family and friends.

But we also know that the holiday season can make it hard to get things done.

You want to book a meeting with someone, but they’re on holiday. Then you’re on holiday when they return. 

All of a sudden four weeks have gone by and no progress has been made on an important deal or contract.

If only there was a way that you could meet remotely to have a quick discussion, make an agreement and sign the paperwork.

But wait a minute… there is!

Videosign’s browser-based online meeting platform eliminates the need to travel to meetings or wait for documents in the post – perfect for those times you need to tick off a big list of tasks before you head off on holiday.

It also makes it easy (if you really must) to jump on a quick call wherever you are in the world if there’s something important that just won’t wait for you to get back to your desk.

Our unique service uses artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition software to confirm identities of people when they sign or witness a contract online.

Tamper-proof digital signatures are made on documents, backed up with video evidence of the signing and witnessing process.

With no additional software to download, Videosign can be accessed from any device, giving you the chance to sign and witness documents from wherever you are.

Videosign CEO Steven Tallant says: “Taking time away from work is really important for your wellbeing, and we’d never recommend spending time in online meetings when you should be relaxing on the beach.

“That said, we know that a lot of people can’t relax until they know things are under control at work.

“Using Videosign means you can discuss, sign and witness documents anywhere you can get internet access, removing obstacles that often get in the way of getting things done.  

“Don’t let a few loose ends at work ruin your holiday. Let Videosign help you to take the holiday you deserve while ensuring that there’s nothing nasty lurking in your inbox for you when you get back to work.”

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