A UK tech firm aims to revolutionize the way notaries in the State of New York work online.

Videosign Notary offers a new way for notaries public to complete remote online notarization (RON), offering unlimited signatures and a combination of facial recognition security features at low cost.

The RON process allows notaries to notarize documents remotely in an efficient paperless process using electronic signatures alongside other security measures such as identity verification and video recordings.

Based in Liverpool, UK, Videosign created its notary-specific platform to make RON more accessible to individuals and more cost-effective for notaries public and title agents.

Videosign Chief Executive Steven Tallant said: “We’re excited to be focussing on supporting notaries in the State of New York to build awareness of Videosign Notary.

“Videosign offers unprecedented levels of security and confidence for anyone using electronic signatures, and our platform for notaries combines these features with a low monthly cost – allowing users more flexibility and control over how they meet their clients remotely, and how they bill for their work.”

Videosign Notary is a browser-based online meeting platform with the facility to record video and other evidence like IP addresses and timestamps during the remote notarization process. No complicated downloads or software installation are required.

The platform’s AI-powered facial recognition software compares an individual with their passport or driving licence photo to confirm their identity.

Tamper-proof electronic signatures can then be made, witnessed by everyone in the meeting and backed up with video and metadata evidence.

RON can be used for a wide range of legal documents, including affidavits, property transactions and power of attorney.

Ridge Bartle of Florida-based Vision Land Service said: “Videosign completely streamlines the RON process in one simple to use the tool.

“It’s allowed us to close on titles quickly, efficiently and fully remotely.”

The platform is flexible and customizable, offering notaries the option to create and upload their own digital certificates to seal documents.

Steven Tallant said: “Put simply, Videosign Notary offers the most secure digital rubber stamp available, offering all parties peace of mind.

“Meanwhile notaries have access to a platform offering market-leading features at low cost.”

Videosign Notary is available for use by notaries public at a monthly cost of $30 per licence.

There are no additional fees for completed notarizations, and the service is free of charge to end users.

Videosign launched in the UK in 2019 following the introduction of new rules allowing for remote signing and witnessing of contracts.

The company recently secured new investment of £1.15m Moonstone Group, which provides a portfolio of compliance, education and fintech solutions to the financial services market in South Africa.

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