How using Videosign could have prevented fraud worth more than $30m

Two high-profile stories in the news recently highlight how using Videosign could have prevented fraud worth more than $31m. That’s not a typo. Just two preventable fraudulent transactions among the thousands that take place every day cost enough money to buy an island paradise or a small fleet of private jets. First up was an … Continued

Empowering Your Business with Data Privacy: A Crucial Aspect of Remote Contracting

At Videosign, we understand the paramount importance of safeguarding your business and your customers’ data. In today’s digital era, where information is shared and transactions are conducted online, it’s essential for organisations and their customers to be well-versed in their rights concerning data privacy. Protecting Your Business and Customers Data privacy is not just a … Continued

Videosign Partners with OneID® Identity Service

We are really excited to announce are new partnership with identity verification specialists OneID® to further improve security options and convenience for users. The new partnership allows Videosign users to verify identities using bank-verified data before signing contracts and documents. Our Chief Executive Steven Tallant said: “Our new partnership with OneID® means our users can … Continued

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