Here’s a question for you: if you received a complaint from a client, could you access the evidence you need to tell your side of the story? How can you defend your business from complaints and disputes?

Those who follow the news in the finance sector might have read recently about a large business that is facing refund claims from clients who say they have paid for services they never received.

The crux of the issue is that some of the business’s clients claim that annual review meetings they paid for didn’t take place.

This is interesting to us at Videosign because it’s an issue that goes to the heart of why we developed our software.

When it comes to financial matters and contracts, evidence is everything.

In industries such as financial advice, where regulatory controls are tight and client expectations are high, it’s important to be able to demonstrate that you have given clients the service they expect.

The ability to produce evidence of the work you’ve done and the advice you’ve provided becomes even more important in the event of a later dispute.

Here at Videosign, everything we do is geared towards building an evidence base that protects our users and their clients in the event of a dispute ,and ultimately helps to defend your business from complaints.

Using our software means:

  • Identities of meeting participants are verified through a selection of secure methods
  • Meetings are recorded, so you have evidence of when the meeting took place, who was there, and what was said
  • Any documents can be digitally signed and securely stored for future reference

An additional benefit for financial advisors is our ability to integrate with wealth management software, automatically syncing recordings and documents back to client records to ensure a thorough audit trail is maintained.

Automation of these processes is a vital time-saver for our users, and prevents loss of important information through human error.

Alongside compliance, the other big business benefit of using Videosign is convenience.

The last few years have seen major changes to the way we do business. The rise of hybrid working means popping to an office to discuss, sign and witness documents is no longer straightforward.

Finding a time to get everyone together in the same place can be a challenge, especially when remote working technology means you could be meeting clients on different continents.

If regular review meetings are something you offer to clients, Videosign offers the convenient solution that you’re looking for.

It works with any web browser, so it’s easy for your clients to use. 

It’s built around sharing and discussing documents, so your meeting can take place with seamless, slick professionalism. 

And you can record your meeting to prove it took place and ensure there’s a reliable record of what you agreed.

Compliance. Convenience. Book a demo with us, and find out how we can help you to never miss a meeting again. 

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