Joined-up handwriting could soon be a thing of the past, and along with it the pen and ink signature.

Cursive handwriting is taught in less than half of US states, and there has been debate in the UK for many years about whether it’s still a useful skill.

So how will you and your business adapt as traditional handwriting declines in use, and make sure that your documents are signed in a safe, secure and fraud-free way?

Our increased reliance on typing and digital communication means that many people no longer see learning cursive handwriting as a priority.

After all, this style of writing was originally developed to prevent damage to quill pens and reduce ink blots hundreds of years before the invention of the biro.

Reading cursive may be a useful skill for historians, but for most of us it’s a throwback to a forgotten age.

With use of traditional handwriting on the decline, traditional signatures are also changing.

Do you remember practicing your signature over and over again when you were a teenager?

It’s not long ago that we all signed in our best joined-up writing, but younger generations are increasingly using a mix of cursive, block letters and artistic flourishes when developing their signatures.

And with paperless transactions becoming more and more the norm, even these new hybrid signatures could soon become a throwback to life before the internet.

It’s time to get used to the idea that handwritten signatures will die out for everyone but autograph hunters in years to come.

Signing online is already huge and growing in popularity, but is open to fraud.

Using Videosign eliminates the fraud risks with advanced AI facial recognition technology, live video witnessing and highly secure electronically sealed documents.

That means you can offer your customers a more efficient and secure service, with contracts and legal documents fully evidenced to prevent future disputes.

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