Do you remember when you still believed in Father Christmas?

You’d write him a letter every December, telling him you’d been very good all year. 

Signing your name in your best handwriting, you’d leave the letter on the mantelpiece or put it up the chimney to magically send it to Lapland.

Waking up on Christmas morning, you’d be overjoyed to discover St Nick had received your letter and delivered the gifts you asked for.

Now we’re all grown up, we might not be prepared to admit we still believe in Father Christmas and his elves.

But some people do still believe the fairy story that using a pen and ink signature is a safe and secure way of doing business.

And relying on digital signature platforms that don’t offer witnessing and recording facilities is even less secure and reliable.

Videosign’s unique platform uses AI facial recognition to verify the identity of document signatories.

Users then hold an online meeting via their normal web browser, where they can discuss the paperwork before signing and witnessing takes place.

The whole process is recorded, and the documents are sealed electronically to the highest European security standards.

As well as offering the highest levels of security and peace of mind when signing important contracts, Videosign can speed up the process by eliminating unnecessary travel and waiting for documents in the post.

It might sound like Christmas magic, but it’s not – our clients know that the safety and security offered by Videosign is something they can completely believe in.

That’s why you should give your business the gift of Videosign this Christmas – trusting pen and paper for signing those all-important legal documents is about as safe and reliable as sticking them up the chimney.

We’d like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Videosign users, past, present and future. 

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