In the last few years, we have witnessed the proliferation of discretionary and wrap platforms to provide a better choice and more security for the delivery of online financial advice. Many e-signing solutions have been launched alongside this trend to enable the continuation and speeding up of online business.

However, there are many weaknesses in the e-signing process all of which can cause delay, additional risk or loss of contract:

  • a fractured client journey caused by numerous process steps in different applications,
  • where the Adviser is still open to fraudulent client representations,
  • customer misunderstandings or remorse prior to signing in a third-party application.

At Videosign we have developed a new innovative online business enablement product that overcomes these barriers by combining instant ID & Verification, the storing and review of documents in an online video meeting and e-signing these, all in the same place using Videosign!

Videosign supports the digital and platform transformation of Financial Advice by bridging the gap in personal engagement caused by the growing adoption of digital services.

Whether it is for onboarding new clients, seamlessly integrating across multiple business areas, creating editable forms for e-signing, storing all documents in a secure video meeting room to be reviewed and signed, Videosign can strengthen your clients online accessibility, increase your online business conversion, and help maintain the trust derived from your personal engagement.

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