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In January, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued warnings of ‘Clone Firm Investment Scams’ having seen an increase of 29% in the month following the first UK lockdown.

It is reported that clone scammers selling fake investment products pocketed over £78 million from UK citizens in 2020, with victims on average losing £45,242.
Consumers are often given guidance on how to protect themselves, but firms that are already doing their part can go further.

One way of doing this is by using a combined secure video conferencing and e-signing solution. Videosign offers this and enables you to protect your customers from Investment scams:

  • Meet anytime and anywhere using web browser capabilities.
  • Share and review documents with your customers in real-time and in confidence due to the unique links created and automatically distributed for participants to gain access to meeting rooms and the encryption process used in the transmission of video and documents in meetings.
  • Witness and record electronically signed documents using the Videosign™ Proof of Signature technology.
  • Meetings are video recorded, so advice, consultations, verbal agreements, and digitally signed documents are evidenced.
  • Audit trail records are automatically appended to each signed document and include full details of each signee, witness, or meeting participant; their IP address, time, date, and device, as well as a photo of the signee captured at the point of signature.
  • Videosign integrates directly into your CRM and CMS, feeding your files and recordings directly to customer records.

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