Having a Will is one of the most important documents you can have, it gives us the opportunity to legally give instructions as to what we want to happen with guardianship, our assets, financials, and guidance for our funeral when we are no longer here.

Up until 2020 Wills were required to be signed in the presence of a legal professional or Will Writer and witnesses.  Adjustments were made to accommodate the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions were made to allow for distanced witnessing in a ‘clear line of sight’.  This meant that a Will could be witnessed through a window, open door of a house or vehicle, in a garden or through a video conference.

Videosign provides legal professionals and Will Writers with a secure and simple to use virtual meeting space where Wills can be drawn up, discussed, signed, and witnessed remotely whilst producing robust and detailed evidence of the meeting room activity and a record of who signed, when, from which IP address and what internet browser was used.

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